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Artistic Statement:

My mission is to collaborate and create with the new generation of artists; to showcase my own creative voice while helping to amplify theirs in the process. I want to be able to curate and contribute to platforms intended to be safe spaces for young artists like myself.


Personal Statement:

CreativiTEA was created by T'Shauna Henry as a self-platform to showcase her creative work through visual and performative mediums. Growing up as a dancer, she wanted to see herself in the same light as her dance peers who were more represented and seen with perfect lines, beautiful dance portraits, and graceful movements. Going into photography first for learning how to create dance self-portraits for herself, she realized how great of an eye she had to capture moments and others. Eventually, she dove into the world of film wanting to learn more about visual art forms while still going on as a performer. With movement being the foundation of her work, she uses all her passions and skills, and knowledge of dance, theatre, photography, and film into a multi-disciplinary practice.

CreativiTEA MeTea EnterTEAment is a registered Limited Liability Company in the State of Georgia.