Collaborations with other creatives and companies.

As stated, the mission of CreativiTEA is not only to create work and amplify visions myself but also of others in creative endeavors, the field, and elevate creators to also share their visions and stories.

"Danse En Noir" collaboration with Peace, Love, and Dance Project ATL

Produced by T'Shauna Henry

In collaboration with Indya Childs, the director of PLD and Danse En Noir, we put our heads and hearts together to create a passion project docu-series highlighting 9 black dancers their intersecting experiences within the world of dance. 

The film is inspired by Audre Lorde's writings of claiming one's idenity. 

Premiered on June 27, 2021.

Brianna "Azule" Nixon
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Destiny Smith
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Dia Adams
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Ebonee English
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Indira Cunningham
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Jade "Danni" Clark
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Jordan Steve
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Veronica Silk
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Zunitria Butler
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Progenies in Pynk

For Pastel Serenity Zine in promotion for The Progenies

Adriana Adorno as CJ Hook
Chasity Jackson as Mallory
Destiny Oliver as Uma
Edward Darren as Clay Clayton
Jacqueline Moreno as Jane
Zunitria Butler as Jordan
Luis Vijil as Jayden
Nicole Johnson as Evie
Monica Rivera as Ariana Rose

In promotion for a [Disney's] Descendants web series written by Nicole O. Johnson (Harriyanna Hook), some of the cast of The Progenies got their yearbook portraits taken by Auradon Prep's Head Witch & Voodoo queen, Freddie Facilier (i.e., myself), my character from the series.

"Lucid" Issue 3 of Rice & Spice Magazine

Staff Photographer & Videographer

Portraits were taken by me for Issue 3 of Rice & Spice Magazine, an Asian American-ran online platform and website.

Harriyanna Hook

Promotional Photography

Harriyanna Hook is a client of mine that I have the privilege of working on many projects with from promotional photos for her merchandise and brand to conceptualized shoots including as a cast member from "The Progenies".


Multimedia Director of Board of Directors

As one of the founding members of Gwinnett County's first and only professional contemporary dance company, my position as one of the board of directors, specifically: Multimedia Director, is to coordinate photo and video shoots as well as social media engagement and community outreach.



Co-Director/Creative Director

A music video with the artist, Taegan, that I co-directed at the end of 2020. 

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Artist in Residence (Production & Performance)

Having met Michael Adedeji through their time at Georgia State University, I've gotten to encounter someone who took a liking to me regarding my personality and performance. Michael has pinned me for a character for his upcoming coming-up with some downs college life-based series, Halfrican, and we have also conjured up other works together with such as an up and coming witchy web series, The HarrowPhant, based off of and a continuation of The Harrow Tarot as well as an upcoming romance drama, Peaches 'n Tea (Will This Make Us Good?). You can see more of Michael's work on his website and watch The Harrow Tarot below.